Every great success in life represents the triumphant representation of growth over time, growing in proportional to the level of hard work, purpose, passion and perseverance deposited into it. Leotetra has shown a significant amount of growth through its constant growth process that spread across the country.

This is evident in the annual conference that took place in Abuja. All working staff were accommodated in a five-star hotel with a top-notch facility, making sure everyone is fully comfortable. The conference was packed with a lot of intentional activities ranging from slide presentations, reps’ debate and lots more. Due to its commitment to growth, Leotetra healthcare has granted sustainable jobs to more than 55 persons with conducive atmosphere to blossom financially.

The conference gave intuitive information which will make work more efficient, concise and precise. The major aim was to discuss profit/loss for last year, new target for 2023 and to caution repeated errors after several corrections were made. Cars were awarded to reps and cash sum was also awarded to the best rep 2022 as annual stimulant for other to see, learn and be motivated.

There were other side attraction integrals to the package during the conference; a visit to Jabi shopping mall (movie night), karaoke night which featured a live performance by the CEO and other staff/reps, paint ball/picnic at millennium park and a visit to the pool.

All of these are reality today as a result of a singular act of hard work, wise sense of judgement with a plan to initiate innovations in the healthcare sector. The level of hard work you do, determines the portion of success you can achieve. You can be important today, just keep working hard and thinking. Nothing good comes cheap!

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