Leotetra Healthcare Ltd. began its operation as a Pharmaceutical Company in March 2015, it started with a two-room shop, and just 3 medical sales representatives. It first ever product to be launched was Simlo-5; the unbeatable combination therapy for Hypertensive patient was introduced in Nigeria in 2015, it was expected to reach a good number of Nigerians who were victims of High blood pressure, and needed a combination therapy that was effective and could aid easy patient compliance. Following was Hyperex; – A combination of PPI and Anitmuscarinic for ulcer patient.
In the same year 2015, Aqeud 5 & 10; the First brand of Aripiprazole, an antipsychotic was introduced in Nigeria; a novel 2nd Generation Atypical Anti-Psychotic. 
Since then it has been a step-by-step approach and a match ahead on the journey towards growth. With utmost enthusiasm, passion and commitment the growth is still on. Simlo-5 won the most prescribed Anti-Hypertensive Drug in Nigeria, 2019 and 2020 respectively by Sanisphere record.
Going further in 2021, The first of its kind, Dimusc; The First brand of Ibuprofen Sustained Released Tablet was also introduced.
In the same vein Prince Ade’ Adeoba received an Award of PAN-Africa Exemplary Leadership Honor by the West Africa Student Union Parliament (WASUP), This development came after he was nominated during the Zoom webinar submit held on 12th August, 2020. As to mark the international youth day themed “Youth Engagement for Global Change” where they had Nigeria representative online who nominated Prince Ade’ Adeoba Jnr (CEO) amongst others for WASUP distinguish honor, as this is in recognition of his uncommon services to humanity and Nigeria. 
Our three key elements: Depth of Knowledge, Mastery of context and Fluency of delivery has really helped us in achieving a greater milestone in carving a niche for ourselves in the ethical pharma market.
The Magnificent Head office of Leotetra Healthcare Ltd that houses its administrative and operational functions was completed, within five years of establishment, Leotetra has undergone numerous and magnificent development. Lately, the company has birthed two subsidiary companies; Aventis Healthcare Ltd and Pride Pharma which is intended to begin operation soon.