Our People

Our people are the most valuable asset. According to Ade’ Adeoba Jr “Take my business, take my building but give me back my people and I will build the business back again. We are endued with smart foresighted individual with flexible minds from diverse culture, educational background and disciplines that form a formidable team.

We consider our work-force as an indelible part of an integrated working system, our strength also lies in the careful selection of highly resourceful and hardworking team that are committed to the overall vision and mission of the Company.

With a well-structured system that incorporate divergent ideologies from different social strata, that defines a culture of trust, integrity, and Professionalism, our staff are well trained and equipped to deliver with excellence at all times.

The zeal, determination and the commitment of our people to provide not just healthcare, but Lifecare to our customers has made a “Name” in every home over the years. Our stamp of quality has also attracted prominent recognitions.

Our Culture

A strong culture of a great company unifies and educates its people, and it may have an enduring and lifetime impact on its employees, we are unified by an uncompromising culture of excellence and discipline.

Leotetra is not built by stitching pieces together, but by missions and values. Openness and transparency, Supportiveness, Integrity and trust, Participation and empowerment, Fairness, Innovation, Sharing and learning, Diversity, Fun, Joy, and happiness.
We are constantly conscious of the fact that our actions are a reflection of our inner thoughts, hence, there is a structure that is put in place to ensure the minds of the staff are built on positivity and possibility, little wonder if you are conversant with our social handles, you would constantly come across the WORD; Impossibility is Nothing. More so, for us, our staffs’ welfarism is constantly on check to ensure that what is needful to be productive at all time is dully provided. We are one big happy family, where what affects one, affects all.