Our global mission is to cut across the Globe and not only African countries. With commencement from Ghana and Tanzania.


We are certain that there are challenges and opportunities that will give birth to greater growth, and that is why we are known for foreseeing challenges, planning ahead, and implementing our strategy in a systematic way. We are very keen on studying the economy. Knowing the challenges that may lie ahead and planning to conquer them has helped us survive the last recession that the country underwent in the year 2016. Been just a year old in the industry with one product available, currency devaluation and lack of forex, which led to the liquidation of many companies during this period, but we survived it, and this has given us more confidence in developing more winning strategies and capabilities in our drive towards becoming one of the best pharmaceutical companies to work for in Nigeria. We have gathered momentum and experience in marketing core ethical products, and we are committed to exploring our true potential to face the challenges ahead of us in achieving a milestone in the pharmaceutical industry.


At Leotetra, Impossible is Nothing….

You are welcome to our World; A World of Possibilities.

Ade’ Adeoba Jnr.