CEO’s Desk


A company born from my zodiac sign “Leo” and the four-cardinal point (tetra- in science) was incorporated in 2012. The saying which goes thus “Opportunity comes in disguise” elated my throbbing interest in importation of Pharma products in 2015 after encountering a huge loss of capital in a franchising partnership while I was still a Medical Representative. When passion meet purpose coupled with the vision of identifying unmet medical needs and bridging the gap by matching them with best sourcing solutions, birthed my desire in registering and pioneering some products available in other countries around the world but not available in the Nigerian pharma market. Leotetra has set a standard that has left other pharmaceuticals questioning its mode of operation. 


At Leotetra, attitude is everything and discipline is the very first key to success, we maintain good attitude and discipline on which integrity and trust is built on. We are committed to improving the quality of life, to live life to its fullest with the consciousness of Not Just Healthcare; Lifecare.

Ade’ Adeoba Jr.